Upload a Template

In this section we will show you how to prepare the rest of the template files for upload. We will create the preview file, zip up the template and proceed with the upload process on PhotoboothTemplates.co

1. In the root folder of your template, you should see 4 files.

2.  The layout.png file can remain the way it is.  The preview.jpg is what we need to update.  As you can see there are 2 .psd files. The preview.psd is the main preview that you should use.  It includes 3 feature boxes in the file so that you can highlight your design. However, if you feel that you would rather not include any feature section, then you can simply use the preview_condensed.psd. We will use the preview.psd file for this example.

3.  When you open up the preview.psd file, you will noticed that everything has already been set up for you. There are 4 things that you need to change in this preview template. 

  • You need to replace 'Base Template' with your template name, in this case it is 'Simple Elegance by Design'.
  • Next, you need to replace the template that is currently on display by going to the 'Template Image goes here' layer in 'Main'->'Template Photo' folder.  You can release the clipping mask and add in your sample.png image from your template folder and resize it to fit into the Mask layer. Then enable clipping mask again.
  • Then, you need to include 3 crop section of your design to showcase in the 'Feature Boxes' folder.
  • Lastly, and this one is OPTIONAL, change the text or color of the feature below the feature boxes to reflect your design.

4.  Once you are done, replace the preview.jpg file using 'Save for web' feature with JPEG preset and quality setting at 80%.  You should get something like below. This will be the image you use during the upload.

5.  Before we can proceed to upload, you have to make sure that you have updated the readme.txt file with the name of your template, description as well as the fonts that you used with its respective URL.

6.  Once that is complete, we will create the preview zip file. This file should contains layout.png and preview.jpg (you can also add any additional images in this preview.zip to showcase your design). The preview.zip file is used to create the gallery section for the item.

7.  Next, we need to create the main file that the buyer will be receiving when they purchase your design. In our case, it is the 'Template' folder. We should zip up this folder and name it template.zip or main.zip.

8. When your files are ready, log into PhotoboothTemplates.co.  There are two ways to begin uploading your design. You can either select the 'Upload' sub menu item from the drop down menu under your username or you can select a category from the 'SELECT CATEGORY FOR UPLOAD' section in your dashboard.

9. Once you have selected a category, it will direct you to the 'Item Upload' page.  Fill out the item name in this case 'Simple Elegance by Design'. Then you should fill out the description section. If you like what you see in some of our base templates, just copy and paste the text from any of those pages then change the top description part before 'FEATURING'. This will force the text area to use the same font type and size. Your description should already been written in the readme.txt from previous step.

10. Next you upload the files by clicking on the 'BROWSE' button. The first file you MUST upload is the preview.zip. Once that is done uploading, you should see 100% next to the BROWSE button. Then you need to upload the main.zip file (MUST BE UNDER 25MB). This should take a bit longer since it will be a larger size. Once that is complete do the following:
  • Select preview.jpg file from the dropdown in 'Thumbnail' section.
  • Select the preview.zip from the dropdown in 'Theme Preview' section.
  • Select the main.zip from the dropdown in 'Main File(s)' section.

11. Select all the checkmarks that applies to you in the 'CATEGORY & ATTRIBUTE' section. You may include a demo URL if you have one hosted somewhere, otherwise, ignore that field.

12. The next section allows you to select the compatible photo booth software, files included, printer support and documentation. You can also use the 'Other' field if you require. If you use our base template for your design, it will be compatible with all the software available as well as printer supported. So you should just check off all of them.  As far as files included, our base photo booth templates include txt, png, jpg, psd and zip.  It should look something like this:

13. The Tag section allows you to Tag your design so that it is easier for people or search engine to find.  You can add up to 15 tags. If a tag doesn't currently exist you can add it and wait for the reviewer to approve the tag later.

14.  Finally, in the last section, you can leave a comment or remark for the reviewer as well as suggest a price you want for the design. However, the final price will be determined by the reviewer. Once that is complete, make sure you agree to our terms and click on the 'Upload' button. If this is a free file, also check off the free file option.