About Us

Welcome to the PhotoboothTemplates.co Marketplace!  We are the #1 marketplace that gather all the top photo booth template designers.  All of our premium photo booth templates offer the highest quality to your clients and provide the best documentation around.  Our wide range of Photoshop design files will cover most of the events for your business.  If there is any templates that we don't offer, order a custom template that will fit your client's need perfectly.

On top of all the options and features that we offer, all of our designer Photobooth Templates will work with all the popular photo booth software currently in the market.  Breeze Systems, Darkroom Booth, dslr Booth Pro, Social Booth, Sparkbooth Commercial and Photoboof just to name a few.  We are here to offer the best product possible for your business and clients.  Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions regarding our templates.

Our Photobooth Templates includes:

  • Well documented and organized Photoshop files
  • Quick color adjustments to match your client's color theme
  • All templates will work with popular photo booth software
  • Premium template design that will be sure to stand out from the crowd
  • Photo Booth templates for every occasion imaginable