Base Template - 2x2 Blank Template

Base Template - 2x2 Blank Template Gallery

This is our gift to you, this template will work with any wedding, birthday or corporate event. Due to maximizing the size of each photo, there is no room for design.  However, you are still able to change the background color and add your own overlay design where you see fit.  Aside from that, the domain url branding layer is still included in this template if you choose to use that. 


  • Proper guide to show bleeding for print outs
  • Layer with editable watermark for your company name or domain url
  • Coordinates of the template in a hidden layer
  • Simple mask for easy sample image import
  • Temaplate is setup for quick easy background.jpg, overlay.png and sample.png export

Font URL is included in the Readme file in the template.
This is a base template so no vector shapes or patterns are included.
For tutorial on how to design with this template please check out our Edit Template Instruction and video tutorials on our YouTube Channel.

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